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Outer Orbit

Outer Orbit

Outer Orbit

A band to fall in love with – Keenan Dodge, Ragtag Magazine

Most musicians in Portland will tell you that their favorite players are all in Outer Orbit. No exaggeration, this band is made up of the highest caliber musicians, all at the top of their game. – Beltane Music Festival

Review of ‘Neena’: Outer Orbit uses the triple-booster-rocket-power of Clark and Medeski’s keyboard wizardry with Clarke’s warm, authoritative vocals to shoot a straight-up soul song into the stratosphere. – Abe Beeson, KNKX

The crowd was energetic, almost euphoric to experience music like this once more. Everyone was dancing. The concrete floor in front of the stage was packed…I left the venue with an Orbit Orbit shirt on my back and an electric smile on my face. With a new band to fall in love with, who wouldn’t. – Keenan Dodge, Ragtag Magazine  

Outer Orbit is a funk-soul collective jammed with some of the North West’s top talent. Led by Galen Clark of the jazztastic Trio Subtonic and fronted by vocalist Sarah Clarke of Winthrop veteran Dirty Revival, the band features an intimidating rotating lineup of musical heavyweights. The Winthrop lineup will also feature Damian Erskine of the legendary Skerik Band, Trent Baarspul of Jarrod Lawson, Mike Elson of Swatkins’ Positive Agenda and Ehssan Karimi of Mctuff.

Outer Orbit brings original burning soul and pocket heavy funk while drawing on a range of influences from Sly Stone and The Meters to Aretha Franklin and Emily King. Sarah Clarke’s searing vocals and the jaw-dropping musicianship of the keys and guitar combine with one of the best rhythm sections you’ll ever see to build an unforgettable groove. 


2020 Best Festival
Washington Blues Society


2015 Keeping The Blues Alive Recipient
The Blues Foundation


2022 Grand Summit Award
Washington Festival & Events Association


Proud Member
Washington Festival & Events Association

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