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Methow Juke Joint Allstars

Methow Juke Joint Allstars

Methow Juke Joint Allstars

The Methow Juke Joint Allstars are once again hosting jam sessions in the beer garden after the main stage closes each night. This long-standing tradition is for many a highlight of the festival, with surprise appearances from main stage musicians and several complete sets from some of the festivals best bands. The Juke Joint Allstars include Lady A, Peter Damann, Polly O’Keary, David Miller, and Tommy Cook.

Lady A has been a Pacific Northwest powerhouse since the 1990s, and has emceed with the Juke Joint All Stars for many years.  Her love of music, her gospel background, her Louisiana roots, and her musical family always led her back to the blues and gospel music, mixed with flavors of soul and funk like a perfect jambalaya.

Peter Dammann is one of Oregon’s most highly respected guitarists, a veteran blues man with a long and stories professional career, including 20 years with the legendary late Pacific Northwest blues harmonica artist Paul Delay.

Polly O’Keary was the Juke Joint jam host from 2004-2008 and is a regular presence at the festival. Her own band, Polly O’Keary and the Rhythm Method, has more than 20 Best Of awards from the Washington Blues Society and the Inland Empire Blues Society.

David Miller, 2020 WBS Best Blues Guitarist, has been playing in clubs since well before he was of age. His guitar work led one UK critic to call him a “revelation,” a nickname that has stuck ever since. He has been a member of Polly O’Keary and the Rhythm Method since 2016.

Tommy Cook is a three-time WBS Best Blues drummer, an instructor at the prestigious Seattle Drum school, and a long time touring drummer. He has worked with Polly O’Keary since 2007.


2020 Best Festival
Washington Blues Society


2015 Keeping The Blues Alive Recipient
The Blues Foundation


2022 Grand Summit Award
Washington Festival & Events Association


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Washington Festival & Events Association

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