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Lady A’s Gospel Hour featuring Josephine Howell

Lady A's Gospel Hour w/Josephine Howell

Lady A's Gospel Hour w/Josephine Howell

Lady A’s Gospel Hour w/Josephine Howell

Sunday morning it’s time to go to church! Long-time Methow Valley All Stars singer Lady A brings back her spiritual Sunday festival opener of a heaping helping of gospel, with the assistance of special guest Jospehine Howell. 

Josephine Howell was born in Chicago, Illinois. She first explored her interest and abilities for singing in the children’s choir at her childhood church, The True Right M. B. Church. It was the beginning of the foundation that would sustain her through a life filled with the type of experiences that inspire every song, every word, and every moment she is on stage.The passion, inspiration and melodious sound you savor when you have the privilege of experiencing one of her breathtaking performances is birthed from a life of challenging struggles and immense victories. 

Her voice alone tells a story in every song. When she is singing about love, you can feel the passion in the eyes of one newly in love. When she is singing about having fun, it makes you want to run, like a child, to the playground of your youth. And her powerful gospel vocals will have you singing hallelujah by the end of the show! 


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