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Randy Levine ( )
Phone: 509-997-7171

At The Winthrop Rhythm & Blues Festival, our purpose is to invigorate broad and diverse live audiences through imaginative and creative arts, events, food and merchandise of all disciplines – in traditional and non-traditional vendors.

  • Spectacle-seekers, arts lovers, people watchers and celebrants of all ages and persuasions – celebrate The Winthrop Rhythm & Blues Festival’s 31st year, Friday through Sunday, July 20-22, 2018.
  • The Winthrop Rhythm & Blues Festival is celebrating 31 years as the largest and longest running blues festival in the State of Washington.
  • If you have previously participated in our festival, we eagerly anticipate you joining us again this coming year. If you have not before taken part in this exciting event, we hope that you will consider this a great opportunity to market your wares to an enthusiastic festival crowd.

How it Works:
1. Read the information below
2. Complete the form
3. Return the completed form with payment. PLEASE WRITE A SEPARATE CHECK FOR THE
payable to Winthrop Music Association
4. Vendors will receive a confirmation of receipt of application from WMA, either by email, phone or


Applications are now being accepted and will continue until June 15, 2018. Vendors will be notified soon
after if their application is approved. Applications will not be confirmed until all documents are received
along with full payment. Refunds will not be issued after June 30, 2018. Payment must be received NO
LATER than June 15, 2018.

*Note: spaces are measured in width (frontage selling space) x depth.

Booth or Trailer - Camping spot is included with booth fee but must be within booth space purchased.

Desserts - $300 fee include a *10 X 20 space; $375, *20 X 20 space. Admission is included for 2 people,
a 3rd person is half price...additional people are full price.

Crafts - $300 fee include a *10 X 20 space; $375, *20 x 20 space. Admission is included for 2 people, a
3rd person is half price...additional people are full price.

Food & Beverage - $500.00 fee includes a *20 X 20 space. Admission is included for 4 people, a 5th
person is half price...additional people are full price. NOTE: Vendors are responsible for their own
potable water after 8:00 pm Sunday night.

IMPORTANT: All health and food handlers’ permits MUST be secured BEFORE coming on site. No
permits will be issued on site!! Permits need to be issued by Okanogan County. NOTE: All food
vendors must show proof of liability insurance (one million dollars).

*Booths can exceed space limit at WMA’s sole discretion for an additional fee of $10 per lineal foot.

Electricity Fees are:
110 Volts is a $40.00 charge paid in advance.
220 Volts is a $80.00 charge paid in advance. (Food Vendors only)
Availability of electricity is limited. It is available on a first come first serve basis. NOT ALL SPACES
HAVE ELECTRICITY AVAILABLE. Vendors are responsible for their own cords and they must be
minimum 10 gauge and grounded. 12 - 14 gauge grounded UL listed cords may be used for low watt
lighting only, at Festival's discretion.

$25 Garbage Deposit (refundable after space is cleaned and inspected) All garbage must be removed not
left at booth space INCLUDING grease and liquid waste. PLEASE WRITE A SEPARATE CHECK

Location of all spaces will be pre-determined, and not moved unless the needs of the Festival require it.
Garbage/trash containers will be provided, as well as dumpsters. If cooking oil is used, vendors must
remove it from the site following the Festival. Vendors will be responsible for keeping all trash
receptacles in their area emptied, as well as litter picked up within 20 feet of their booth and eating/sales
area. Vehicles must be parked so as not to block road access.


• Absolutely No Pets are allowed!!

Enforcement & Permits – Winthrop Music Association’s decisions are final. Vendor will comply with
all laws and Regulations. Vendor is responsible for obtaining necessary permits and licenses in order to operate and/or sell at this Event. All permits and licenses must be on display at the vendor’s booth space.

• Liability – Vendor covenants that it will protect, defend, hold harmless and indemnify Winthrop
Music Association (Winthrop R&B Festival), sponsors, and volunteers against liability for lost,
damaged, or stolen vendor property. All Vendors are required to carry a minimum of $1 million
limit commercial general liability naming Winthrop Music Association as an additionally
insured. Proof of insurance binder (certificate) must be furnished by the June 15th Application
Deadline. (see Insurance and Indemnification below)
All vehicles must comply with Washington State's insurance requirements.

• Force Majeure – There will be no refunds for rain or other act, manmade or natural, beyond the control
of WMA.

• Dates and Times – July 20-22, 2018, Friday- Sunday. Set-up begins NOON on Thursday, July 19 and
tear-down by Monday July 23. Note: All vendors MUST be set up and ready for business by 12:00 PM
on Friday, July 20th.

Food Vendors must arrive no later than 6 pm Thursday; earlier the better. All food and craft vendors
need to be set up by noon Friday.

• Beverage Sales – Vendors may bring their own beverages to sell. For 2018, we will allow food
vendors to sell bottled water. Vendor price may not exceed $2 per bottle.

• Vendor Booth, Trailer, Game & Activity – If requesting to use your own booth, tent, trailer, or applying
to have a game or activity, send one color photograph of the unit(s) in full set up and list the complete
dimensions required. No tents, booths, tables or chair provided by us.



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