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Frequently Asked Questions

What to bring:
Blankets, low-profile lawn chairs, sunglasses, sunblock, a hat, water, food, bug spray, sense of humor and love of music. Coolers are okay.

What CAN'T I bring into the festival mainstage area?

No alcohol. (There is a beer garden)
No illegal substances

No glass containers.
No fireworks
No firearms.
No ATVs.
No pets anywhere on the property (proper papers for service animals must be presented)

Why can’t I put up a shade umbrella?
The festival doesn’t allow shade umbrellas for many reasons. They block the view of other festival-goers. They present potential danger if the wind whips up and starts knocking things around. A shade tent is located on the perimeter of the infield.

Is there a beer garden?
Yes. You must present your valid I.D. to enter.

Is food available?
YES! Several food vendors offer many types of fare. Ice is available for purchase on site.

Can I bring pets? NO! Service animals must present papers.

Can I come on and off the site?
Yes, once you have paid and received your wristband you have unrestricted access. There is no after-hours driving in and around the property at night for safety reasons.

Is there PARKING?
Yes, free with camping or $8 per day. Parking is run by and benefits the Little Star Montessori School
Please understand that camping areas are intended for camping and not for parking.

Shuttle service is available between the Blues Ranch and downtown Winthrop and the IGA Grocery Store. Pick-up and drop-off at front gate. Shuttle Service is run by Classic Mountain Cabby and fees are collected by the driver.
$3 One-way to or from Java Man,$20 for weekend pass (anywhere in city limits). $5 per ride to or from IGA Grocery.

Hours of operation: Friday, 5 pm - 2 am; Saturday, 10:30 am - 1:30 am, Sunday, 10:30 am to 1:30 am

River campsites are for staff and VIPs only!



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