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2020 Winthrop Rhythm & Blues Festival went VIRTUAL!

Thank you, beautiful people, for helping make our virtual festival the sweetest EVER!

Direct support for our 2020 artists can be made via links below (and view your favorites by clicking on time stamps next to each artist’s name)

Hector Anchondo0:02:04
Stephanie Anne Johnson & the HiDogs0:18:28
Sons of Soul Revivers0:40:55
Lloyd Jones0:46:28
Chubby Carrier0:57:37
Vanessa Collier1:09:26
Too Slim & the Taildraggers1:33:15
Southern Avenue1:39:34
Methow Juke Joint Allstars featuring Lady A2:20:53
Donations to our local food bank The Cove HERE:
Polly O’Keary Venmo, PayPal
Christone “Kingfish” Ingram2:27:14
The Bros. Landreth2:48:15
Larkin Poe3:05:57
Charlie Musselwhite3:24:17
Winthrop Rhythm & Blues Fest Virtual

SEE YOU 2021

Winthrop Rhythm & Blues Festival rescheduled to 2021

When we cancelled the 2020 Winthrop R&B Festival, we offered our ticket buyers two options — a full refund, or the opportunity to donate all or part of their ticket purchase to the Festival.  The response has been overwhelmingly generous, not that we are surprised! Winthrop Rhythm & Blues Festival has weathered many hardships over its 33 years—wicked winds, raging wildfires— and some of those challenges nearly sank the event. But thanks to our attendees and our dedicated Winthrop team and partners, the Festival not only survived, but grew stronger, became financially sustainable, and thrived as the largest and longest-running blues festival in Washington.

Our deepest gratitude to all who donated (listed below). Because of YOU we were able to provide ‘blues stimulus’ grants to all artists booked this year as well as provide funding to The Cove Food Bank.  YOU ARE AMAZING!

Lise Alkire
Jeffrey Altaras
Kimberly Ames
Micheal Anderson
Shelley Anderson
Rooney Anensen
Clay Ashford
Kathy Askew
Jennifer R Austin
Steve Autio
Rod Baty
Danny Bays
Ken Bell
Nancy Benavides
Dan Bentley
Susan Best
Marie Black
Paul Blum
Steve Bockelie
Amy Boles
Kent Bradford
Laurie Brown
Marv & Fran Buchanan
Melanie Burns
Donald Buss
Gregg Casey
Ray Cawston
Stacy Chilberg
Judy Connors
Joetta Cook
Robert Corcoran
Diane Crates
Jacqui Curtiss
Linda Dahmen
Heather Dean
Dave Degel
Robert Detamore
Vic Dodt
Nancy Drake

Michael Dunn
Michelle Duvall
Ted East
Kevin Erickson
Rebecca Esvelt
Wendy Fekkers
Jeffrey Feld
Jeff Ferrell
James Fitzpatrick
Steve Fowler
Susan Fowles
Kevin Fox
Nancy J Fox
Elizabeth Gage
Kristine Gensburg
Kristi George
Shannon Gibson
Tracy Ginther
John Goodman
Andre Gouws
Margaret Grant
Jennifer Hagander-luanava
David Hammon
Ramona Hardwick
Timothy Harmon
Tina Hart
Cheryl Haugland
Teresa Hayden
Gayle Hellriegel
Kathryn Hendry
Carlee Hieb
Glenn Hladek
Tamara Hood
Rozalia Horvath
Steven Hugh
Doug Hunter
James Jernberg
Pam Jordan
Michelle Juette
Wally Kaufer

Helen Keegan
Jeff Kirksey
Richard Koopmans
Terry Kottwitz
Frank Lafayette
Kevin Larson
Kelly Last
Bob Lewis
Luke Lilienthal
Myers Lindsay
Byron Lippincott
Alastair Lockett
Robert Lowry
Timothy Lukens
Rebecca Maguire
John D Marshall
Adrienne Mccann
Janice Mcclure
Jeff Mcelhinney
Susan Mcleod
Wendy Mee
Gary Meigs
Craig Meyers
Sabrina Mirante
Bonnie Misner
Bryan Mize
Jesse Mohrland
Michelle Molan
Jane Molinari
Nick Moriniti
Glen Morris
Erin Moynihan
Tyrelle Nippert
Tim Olstad
Carl Onyewu
Lynn Osborn
Kathleen Osler
Jacqueline Osthus
Rob Oswald
Jerome Otis

Patricia Parkhurst
Marlene Peterson
David Pischer
Patti Pritchard
Wayne Puryear
Earl Ramseth
Charles Raynes
John Reinders
Gary Riddle
Diane Roberts
Brian Robertson
Sandie Ross
Lawrence Runnberg
Gregory Ruziska
Rebecca Schaaf
David Schlotman
Donna Schoonover
Brian Schraeder
Wendy Schumer
Steve Scott
Sally Sharp
Tom Sheridan
Joanne Socci
Carlton Steger
Brienne Stewart
Laura Stocker
Dianne Stockwell
Donald Stodola
Debra Tainer
Earl Tarble
Robert Townsend
Philip Van Seeters
Nicholas Walsh
Joseph Walters
Forrest Waters
Michael Wilcock
Martin Wilder
Deanna Wildes
Clyde Wilhelm
Glenn Wilson

You can help us support musicians as well as the Methow Valley’s Cove Food Bank by making a donation.


Winthrop Rhythm & Blues Festival
Located at the Blues Ranch on the Methow River in the resort town of Winthrop, Washington, the Winthrop Rhythm & Blues Festival is a three-day event packed full of exciting national and regional entertainment for all ages. There is on-site camping, food and craft vendors, portable showers, and a beer garden. The Blues Ranch is the perfect setting for one of Washington’s finest music festivals. We look forward to another great year and hope to see YOU at the 33rd Annual Winthrop Rhythm and Blues Festival!!

Winthrop Music Association (WMA) is a 501(c)3 non profit organization formed in 2005 to ensure the continued success of the annual Winthrop Rhythm & Blues Festival. WMA strives to promote arts and cultural activities in the Methow Valley and beyond. WMA is a proud supporter of The Cove Food Bank, Methow Valley School District Music Program, Methow Arts, Methow Valley Theater, Room One, Washington Blues Society Musician Relief Fund, Inland Empire Blues Society, Cascade Blues Association, Methow Valley AAU Basketball Booster, Tommy Zbyszewski Methow Valley Education Foundation scholarship and many others.

Beer Garden Shows


This show benefits the Cove Food Bank and other local non profits

Beer Garden pouring Coors, Miller and Big Sky!


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Thank you to our Partners!


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